Bumble Bee Head On

A bumblebee (or bumble bee, bumble-bee or humble-bee) is any of over 250 species in the genus Bombus, part of Apidae, one of the bee families. This genus is the only extant group in the tribe Bombini, though a few extinct related genera (e.g., Calyptapis) are known from fossils.They are found primarily in higher altitudes or latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, although they are also found in …

The parts of the bumblebee body, an overview with links to more detailed pages. … the tongue is kept inside a sheath and folded under the head and thorax.

For definitions and diagrams of bumble bee morphology please see the Montana State Entomology Collection's Bumble Bee Morphology page. A long-tongued …

These headless bees are signs of bird predation – notably by great tits, who may attack the bumble bees, taking apparently the head or abdomen.

Bumblebee head. Below you can see the various parts of the bumblebee head. More information on the compound eye and ocelli can be found on the eye page.

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About the Pacific Northwest Bumble Bee Atlas The pnw bumble bee atlas is a collaborative effort between the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, Oregon State University, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture to track and conserve the bumble bees of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

Pressure cooker at Bumble Bee (photo: Cal/OSHA) To settle criminal charges, Bumble Bee Foods will pay $6 million and two managers will pay a total of $30,000 in fines in connection with the death of a worker inside a tuna oven at the company’s Santa Fe Springs, CA plant.

Bumble Bee Hollow Golf Center is a full service golf facility in Harrisburg, Pa. Our attractions/services include: a 300 yard double deck driving range with over 50 stalls, mini-golf course, all major forms of club repair, and a fully stocked pro shop.

Odin Makes: Bumblebee's head from the new Transformers movie- Bumblebee About Bumble Bee Watch. Bumble Bee Watch is a citizen science project through the partnership of The Xerces Society, the University of Ottawa, Wildlife Preservation Canada, BeeSpotter, The Natural History Museum, London, and the montreal insectarium. learn more about this project here.

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