Is There A Connection Between Food Safety And Pests?

Keeping food processing facilities free of pests is vital to food safety. The health threats differ by pest. The food industry requires pest control tailored to it.

Stinging Insects Still A Problem In Fall Sep 10, 2013 … The threat from stinging insects doesn't end with the summer. … The cooler weather of autumn brings people outdoors for pickup games of football and pre- winter home … Why Yellow Jackets Are Still Stinging in Virginia. Termites are not the only wood destroying insects found in New Jersey. Also found

What you may not realize is that good food safety practices can often play important roles in helping avoid pest problems as well. To show the correlation, let's …

This guidance is intended for all fresh-cut produce firms, both domestic and foreign, to enhance the safety of fresh-cut produce by minimizing the microbial food safety hazards.

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eFoodHandlers presents: Preventing Pests The food safety level 2 e-learning course is ideal for all food handlers. It is perfect for those learners who are taking an accredited Food Safety Level 2 qualification as it mirrors the QCF qualification

The Buzz On Beating Mosquitoes Jan 6, 2015 … Here are some tips to beat the buzz of summer mosquitoes and stop those sleepless summer nights! (also some things to avoid!) 1. Though you hear the buzz whenever mosquitoes fly, it's not actually caused by the wings beating against the air. There's an organ at the base of the wings
Bed Bug Facts: 6 Little-known Facts About Bed Bugs There are few interesting facts about bed bugs that you migh not be aware of. Here, we are sharing some weird and little known facts about bed bugs: fact #1: Bed bugs anesthesize you while they suck your blood Now, you may understand why a biting bed bug doesn’t wake up … Learn some unusual

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Why Are There Termite Swarmers? To understand why there are termite swarmers, you first have to understand how termites operate. Signs of Dampwood Termite Infestation. Damage Dampwood termites do not usually have contact with the soil. They do not make tunnels like the subterranean termites.. Wood that dampwood termites have damaged usually looks clean and smooth inside. Facts. A winged
Nuisance Wildlife Finding Shelter In Neighborhoods Skunks are sometimes referred to as Polecats, but these are not related animals. Polecats are, most often, old-world ferrets or weasles. The common striped skunk is the most well known in the United States, due to its extensive habitat range, its size (up to 12 … But not everyone appreciates their bright-eyed, bushy-tailed charms. The

Regardless of operation size, the consequences of lax pest management can be … that all links within the food safety chain are properly maintained, with pest …