Ladybugs Released In Central Park To Control Aphids

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If you introduce ladybugs thinking you'll prevent aphids from entering your garden, you could be in for disappointment. Ladybugs who find nothing to feed on will …

NY Central park releases ladybugs … The ladybugs are part of an effort to use ecologically friendly methods in Central Park to fight pests. This summer's main target: aphids, winged insects that feed on sap and "suck the life out of plants," …

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Apr 20, 2017 … Ladybugs by the tens of thousands being unleashed inside Mall of … on the park's plants by eating common pests such as aphids. … The bugs, supplied by a local pest control company, act as a natural pesticide on the park's …. in the countryside in south central Wisconsin for the scenic views and serenity.

Aug 1, 2013 … Ladybugs land in the Shakespeare Garden in Central Par, released as part … likely to make homes in Central Park, where they will eat aphids.

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